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Wanderlust: Gourmet Restaurants You'll Never Forget in Paris!

In the heart of Paris are three stunning restaurants – all of which exhibit the very best in service, menu, and interior decor. If a gourmet restaurant is on your list of places to visit, be sure to look into the following establishments. Each offers a unique experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Bouillon Racine

Bouillon Racine, Paris, wanderlust

Known for their famous broth, Bouillon Racine is one of the true gems that Paris has to offer. Stepping into this restaurant is like taking a step back in time. Sculpted wood and marble mosaics add an Art Nouveau charm, while the gourmet menu offers many French classics from Paris’ past.

Brasserie Mollard

Brasserie Mollard, Paris, wanderlust

Living up to its status as a protected historical building, the Brasserie Mollard offers an exceptional 1900-style interior design. The colors are breath taking, with the beauty reaching beyond the walls to the ceiling, floor, and furnishings. The gourmet menu is complete with delicious traditional French cuisine.

Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu, Paris, Wanderlust

The view from inside Le Train Bleu is spectacular, with stunning gold design, exquisite murals, and majestic lighting. Not to be outdone by the interior, the menu is equally delightful. The traditional cuisine is more than enough to impress even the most refined palate. Enjoying a meal at Le Train Bleu is not something a person is likely to forget.

Bouillon Racine, Brasserie Mollard, and Le Train Bleu are three of the most enchanting restaurants Paris has to offer. When it comes to gourmet food, top-notch service, and a picture-perfect interior, these three excel in all areas. Just remember to make a reservation in advance so you don’t miss out on these one of a kind eateries.

Have you ever visited Paris? If you have, what are your favorite spots to dine? We're so curious to hear about your favorites! It's so fun to talk about traveling again, especially in the middle of a pandemic. It brings a sense of hope & comfort even thought we can't physically travel right now.

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