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Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels but their magic sparkles in nature just like the Tomato Superstar Original Clothing line. My girls always like to look their best and when it comes to playing with Fairies, they wanted to look "enchanting."  The beautiful clothes are always original, in style, soft to the touch and flexible with the styling.  From a cute dress to a great tunic in a fairy second. Who would think of it, Kelly Cooper did!!  Love her line, check out her fabulous line of clothes.  ~ A. Rodriguez, Tucson, AZ


I love, love, love buying these dresses for my daughter.  They are so unique and well made!  ~ J. Moses, Richmond, VA


I bought one of Tomato Superstar's tunics two years ago and my daughter is still rocking it!  She loves it and always get compliments on it!  ~ L Call, Sterling, VA


My granddaughter's go-to dress is her Tomato Superstar dress.  We love the quality and the mission of this company.  Customer service is also wonderful.  ~ M. Pollard, Scottsdale, AZ


I love how this business is "Fashion for a Cause!"  Beautiful clothing but giving in such a profound way. ~ K. Fitzgerald, Miami, FL


I never knew about the "Invisible Girl" until I came across this clothing line.  So happy that they are helping shed light on this scary issue!  ~ N. O'Grady, Goodyear, AZ


Very well-made clothing! ~ B. Vazquez, San Diego, CA


Customer service is seriously amazing! I got my dress almost immediately it seemed!! ~ Lena Gartner, Portland, Oregon