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Television Interview with the CW Phoenix

Girls Bohemian clothing line launches.

Arizona Designer creates girls' fashion line for a cause. 

Who can forget the name, Tomato Superstar? It's the name of a clothing line launched by an Arizona fashion designer, Kelly Cooper. Its unique name was actually created by Cooper's daughter after watching an episode of 'Veggie Tales.' Tomato Superstar is a bohemian-inspired line. Just think of an age-appropriate Coachella clothing line for kids, and is aimed for toddlers through tweens. The online-only line isn't just about stylish clothes, but it's also about giving back. A portion of the proceeds go toward The Invisible Girl Project, a nonprofit aiming to end gendercide in India. 

Kelli Johnson (The CW Reporter) : Kelly Cooper is one proud mother.

Kelly Cooper (Founder of Tomato Superstar): My daughter is eight now, my son just turned 5.

Johnson: For the past five years, the Arizona designer has been working on a girl’s clothing line.

Cooper: I was in the military and there are not many creative outlets in the military, so it just kind of balances me.

Johnson: The exclusively online store is called Tomato Superstar, a name you can’t forget and one her daughter created.

Cooper: She just said it to me one day, she played a knock-knock joke on me, after watching Veggie Tales and I said “who,” she says “Tomato.” “Tomato who?” “Tomato Superstar” and as soon as she said that I knew that’s what I wanted to call it.

Johnson: And she also assists with the designs.

Cooper: She will actually draw pictures for me.

Johnson: Tomato Superstar is a Bohemian inspired line. Kelly knows all too well how much parents spends on clothes for their growing children over the years.

Cooper: A lot of my clothing I designed them in a way where they will last a very long time. If you buy a shirt, it’s going to last a few years. You know, because the Bohemian style is baggy, it’s not something you just wear one season.

Johnson: Not only does Kelly designed clothes meant to last but she has also created fashion for a cause.

Cooper: I am actually giving back to a Non-Profit called the Invisible Girl Project and I just don’t think a lot of people know about it and that Non-Profit fights gendercide in India.

Johnson: And every dress that’s purchased will have the girl in need. Tomato Superstar just launched. Kelly hopes her clothes will bring awareness to the Invisible Girl Project and within the next few years, she just may expand her line inspired by her son.

Cooper: I would like to bring him in on this and start something for little boys too.

Johnson: For, I am Kelli Johnson.

The link for the televised version of this interview is here. Please check out Tomato Superstar to see our collection.

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