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Television Interview with Good Morning Arizona

Bohemian Clothing for kids launches on Good Morning Arizona

Good Morning Arizona: Viewers, we are getting to the sneak peek, it's a new clothing line for kids and we think you are going to like the inspiration behind it.

(commercial break)

Jamie Cerreta (Anchor/Reporter): Alright Dean, thank you so much. Hey are you looking for maybe something pretty but comfy but cool to put your daughter in today? I have a valley mom who came up with her own line because she couldn't find quite what she wanted to dress her children in, so this is Kelly Cooper – she is the designer and the owner of Tomato Superstar. So, first of all let's talk about this name Kelly, what is this?

Kelly Cooper (Founder of Tomato Superstar): My daughter Hannah, she actually came up with the name after watching the show Veggie Tales. I don't know if you have ever seen that show.

Jamie: Occasionally!

Kelly: Yeah and after watching the show she came up with that name. The name actually embodies supporting and encouraging young girls to be their unique selves.

Jamie: And you are a veteran?

Kelly: I am a veteran of the Air Force.

Jamie: Thank you so much for serving for us. Not only did she work in intel for the Air Force but now she has a design background as well.

Kelly: I do, I do.

Jamie: So, you've been designing these dresses and let's show our first model here. Who is this young lady? Do you know her well?

Kelly: I know her very well; her name is Hannah and she's my daughter.

Jamie: So, she is the inspiration.

Kelly: Yes, she is my inspiration.

Jamie: So, tell me about what she's wearing and why you really wanted to design something like this for her?

Kelly: This dress is called the Blooming Beauty Dress in zigzag as you can tell by the zigzag patterns on the skirted bottom and the top is made with embroidery. It has little mirror embellishments on the bib and it goes perfectly with her personality. She has a fun quirky personality just like the dress. The dress is also very airy and the cotton is perfect for the Phoenix summer, not to mention easy for moms to wash.

Jamie: Are you designing the flower headbands too?

Kelly: No, but I want to.

Jamie: Oh yes, I need one, can you do one of those for a lady say of a certain age. Hey, come toward me my friend and let's bring in our next model and who do we have here?

Kelly: This is Emily and the dress that she's wearing is the Blooming Beauty Dress in Bouquet and it's kind of similar, the top is embroidery and the bottom is a very vibrant print.

Jamie: Oh, it is beautiful and then our next model went up. Oh, she has got a friend, so we have got two for one, coming up making the way up. Come on over here little girl.

Kelly: This model  is Cecily and she is wearing called a Beautiful Mesh Dress in Cream and Black and as you can see it's a patch dress, it has all different types of fabric and it all just kind of works together.

Jamie: Yeah it does, so our hesitant two-year-old, what is she wearing?

Kelly: This is Eva and she is wearing my dress called Color Burst Across the Universe and it's a beautiful tie-dye dress and it goes perfectly with her and that cute little flower headband.

Jamie: And she is done.

Kelly: Yeah, she is done.

Jamie: Oh my goodness, her modeling is over and she's the diva, she makes the rules. So, Miss Hannah, what do you think about this clothing line to have mom just come up with something out of her own to dress you herself, what do you think, you like what she's doing for you?

Hannah (model): Yes, I do.

Jamie: And what about your friends, what do they say?

Hannah: They say they really like it too.

Jamie: So, where would I get one?

Hannah: Get it from my mom.

Jamie: That's the truth and Saturday we can come see you, you are doing a launch party here in town, tell me about this.

Kelly: I'm doing a launch party at Girly Girlz in Scottsdale, it starts at 5:30 p.m. and goes to 730 p.m. and I will be providing kid-friendly appetizers and beverages. We're going to have a fashion show and a portion of the proceeds will be going back to a non-profit in the US called The Invisible Girl Project.

Jamie: And that goes to…

Kelly: It goes to help girls in India fight gendercide.

Jamie: Awesome, and of course you're online, you're on Facebook, you're on Instagram. If you want to kind of peruse it and check it out first and then show up on Saturday. The price point is what?

Kelly: Between $29 and $45.

Jamie: Awesome and its Tomato Superstar and you guys are superstars and these are gorgeous ladies. Thank you for coming.

Please check our designs out at Tomato Superstar. To view a televised version of this interview, please click here.

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