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Television Interview with FOX 10 Phoenix

Bohemian Clothing Line for girls toddler to tween

Local Mom Launches Boho Girls' Clothing Line That Gives Back

Troy Hayden (Fox 10 Anchor): Have you heard of Tomato Superstar?

Andrea Robinson (Fox 10 Reporter): I hadn't.

Troy: Oh my gosh, there's something like in clothing or food that you ever have heard about?

Andrea: I know.

Troy: Well this is the clothing line that gives back, will tell you more about it later on this hour so you will know about Tomato Superstar in just a bit.

Andrea: I love the thought surrounding this though, the idea is fabulous.

Troy: What a name, sorry I was laughing during your broadcast there Ron, we got these little kids in the studio, these little ones.

Andrea: Darling models.

Troy: We will try to wrangle them over here, so we will meet a valley mom who created a brand new clothing line for little girls. Look at these little faces, right?

Andrea: Look at how perfect they are, not only are the dresses adorable and the kids adorable, when you buy one you help dress a little one in need.

(Commercial Break) 

Andrea: Welcome back everyone, Kelly Cooper is with me and she is a local woman. She's a mom, a veteran from the Air Force and you're here to talk about another venture, a children's clothing line. You said it's called Tomato Superstar and we were just talking off-camera and you said it's taken you five years to get to this point because life happens when you're a mom and it's busy, right?

Kelly Cooper (Founder of Tomato Superstar): Very busy!

Andrea: So, why a clothing line?

Kelly: A clothing line – fashion has always been my passion and I just really wanted to pursue my dream.

Andrea: Okay, so you came up with this line of clothing dresses and various items that dress obviously little girls but there's something also behind it that you do.

Kelly: There is, for every dress that's purchased I actually give back to an US-based nonprofit called The Invisible Girl Project and this project actually helpsnfight gendercide in India.

Andrea: Wow, so you brought some gorgeous little models.

Kelly: I did.

Andrea: And they're wearing some of the various dresses that you've designed and just tell us a little bit about them.

Kelly: Okay, this first model over here is the lovely Angelica and she is wearing my Beautiful Mess Dress and it has various prints and different patches and they all just kind of work together.

Andrea: And who do we have here?

Kelly: This is Alex and she is wearing my Enchanted Elegance Dress and it's got hand blocked fabric on the bottom and has a different print on top. It also has small little silver embellishments on the top that almost look like a necklace on her neckline.

Andrea: And look at this little beautiful girl.

Kelly: Yeah, this is actually my daughter Hannah and she is wearing the Blooming Beauty Dress in Dandelion. This has a lot of different patterns and has little mirror embellishments on it and it's just very unique and eclectic.

Andrea: Gorgeous, okay next?

Kelly: This over here is Ellie and she's wearing my Color Burst Across the Universe dress in purple and it's very light, airy and tie dyed. It's just perfect for the Phoenix...

Andrea: I was going to say they're perfect for summer.

Kelly: They are and they're easy to wash.

Andrea: And I have a four-year-old little girl and that's all she wants to wear is dresses.

Kelly: Yes.

Andrea: And our little one here.

Kelly: This is the beautiful Eva and she is wearing my Dress to Empress in Green and Red and it's the same, it's very easy to wash, it's very eclectic.

Andrea: So, here we have a rack of just some of the other things that you do and where can we find you guys?

Kelly: On tomatosuperstar.comI'm an e-commerce website, so I'm online right now and I just launched my website. I make dresses, tunics and…

Andrea: And only for little girls, not for us big girls.

Kelly: No, not the big girls yet. I would like to but….

Andrea: Maybe soon. Okay, so Wonderful! Well, thanks for sharing your story and best of luck for you with all that you do. Check them out for sure. Ladies – you look beautiful. Alright, Troy…

Troy: Love it! Love it! Cute meter off the charts.

To view a televised version of this interview, please click here. 

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