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Save the Earth by Up-cycling Your Crafts!

How to Turn Garbage Into Glam!

How much do you love protecting mother earth? It's so awesome you don't litter and you sort your recyclable trash. But did you know there are other ways to save the environment? Not all art supplies have to come from the store! 

Don't let people scare you from using tossed materials for your art projects! Recycled fashion and crafts are super hip because you're keeping something from going to a landfill! It takes a ton of creativity to make something cool out of existing throwaways. Are you up for the challenge of turning garbage into glam? 

Where can you find cool stuff?

- Thrift shops are amazing sources of clothing! You can also find plenty of sheets and pillowcases to use for fabric. You can also find cheap, old records and all kinds of unique trinkets.

- Wallpaper/interior design stores are amazing too as they typically throw out wallpaper and fabric samples.

- Print and copy stores usually throw away cut paper in all kinds of colors and sizes. You can also find cardboard here.

- Recycling co-ops also exist where business donate things they don't need. Can you imagine the treasures you might find there? Check with your town to see if they have something like this.

- Used bookstores are a great place as well. You can cut up old books and magazines for cool images to use on your projects.

What kinds of crafts can you make?

- Make clothing by turning pillowcases into dresses or cut up old t-shirts to make something completely new. 

- How about making a cool disco ball out of CD's or making a cool looking mosaic to hang on your wall or simply put a mosaic design on an old table as seen below:

- Handbags can be made from clothing, record album covers or hard cover books! Check out these made from books:

- Make vases with old drinking glasses by etching designs into them or simply by painting them. You can also use bottles as seen below:

Hoping you like some of these recommendations. The possibilities are endless! If we use materials that already exist, we cut back on our current landfill problem. Reusing things means that we'll need fewer things, so less will be manufactured. Less manufacturing means less pollution. Which is amazing!

Let us know what projects you end up doing. Also, please check our website to learn more about our philanthropic efforts here. We have a beautiful bohemian clothing line that you should check out while you're on the website as well! 




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