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What to Pack for a Weekend Escape to the Beach

Before heading out on a weekend escape to the beach, you'll need to pack the items you'll be bringing with you. While on the surface packing may seem like an easy task, but without the proper thought, it can be all too easy to accidentally leave things behind. To help ensure you don't end up forgetting something important, feel free to consult this list as you pack for your upcoming trip to the beach.

The Basics

- Wallet or purse (plus spending money and identification)
- Directions to the beach (and to local restaurants or attractions)
- Medication (both prescription and over the counter)
- Prescription eyewear (glasses or contacts and solution)
- First aid kit


Beach cover-up, clothing, swimwear

- Swimwear (plus a cover-up and beach towel)
- Clothes (day wear, evening wear, and sleep wear)
- Shoes (sandals or flip flops, plus running shoes and dress shoes if needed) - Jacket

Protection from the Elements

sun hat, sunglasses, beach

- Sunscreen (active beachgoers should consider bringing waterproof sunscreen) - Lip balm with SPF
- Sunglasses
- Hat
- Umbrella
- Insect repellant
- After-sun lotion, gel, or spray

Toiletries and Accessories


- Hairbrush or comb
- Toothbrush (plus toothpaste and floss)
- Razor (plus spare blades and shaving cream)
- Deodorant or anti-perspirant
- Shampoo and conditioner
- Hair dryer (check ahead, some accommodations provide this) - Hair ties and clips
- Makeup
- Watch
- Jewelry


cooler for the beach

- Food (unless you'll be dining out)
- Drinks
- Snacks
- Dishes and utensils
- Cooler and ice
- Picnic basket and blanket


beach toys, sandcastle

- Beach toys
- Goggles
- Snorkeling set
- Surfboard
- Fishing gear (and permits if necessary) - Sporting equipment
- Travel games
- Books and magazines


cell phone, electronics for the beach

- Cellphone
- Camera
- Video Camera
- Tablet
- E-reader
- MP3 player
- Portable gaming system
- Laptop
- Charging cords or spare batteries
- Headphones or portable speakers
- Extra memory cards

Though this list can help keep you from forgetting many of the essentials, it's important to remember that there are undoubtedly items on the list that won't apply to you, plus non-listed items you'll also want to bring. Whenever you think of an unlisted item you'd like to bring along with you to the beach, either pack it right away or make a quick note of it so you'll remember to pack it later. Also, if possible, avoid waiting until the last minute to start your packing, because rushed packing often leads to forgotten items.

We hope this list is a good starting point for you! I know I've gone to the beach unprepared and was missing almost half of this list! In order to have a relaxing time at the beach, organization and planning goes a long way. Let us know about any fun beach plans this summer!

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