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Tie-Dye Picks To Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe!

This summer may no longer become the fun-filled season we were all hoping for. Gala's have been cancelled and hazy days spent vacationing in the sun with friends could be on hold for the unforeseeable future.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can't put money into a beautiful climate worthy wardrobe – even if it will only be worn in your backyard.

Over the last few weeks, many people have had a lot of time on their hands due to lockdown and have been tackling their to-do lists. Some people are baking sourdough while others have been getting crafty with their closets. Pinterest searches for "tie-dye at home" have increased by 462 percent during the past few weeks as people try to simultaneously fend off boredom while adding a little color to their wardrobe.

Honestly, tie dye is nothing new – it's been around from as early as 4000 BC – but it's developed into something embraced by luxurious "it" brands. For instance, tie dye dominated the spring/summer 2020 catwalks, infiltrating the collections of Dior, Alberta Ferretti, Oscar de la Renta and Fyodor Golan.

This style doesn’t simply cease at clothing. Everything from hats and shoes to baggage and hair scrunchies being given the psychedelic treatment. With the pandemic going on you, you can even get tie dye masks! Check out this one  from Tomato Superstar.

For a greater stylish take on the trend, how about a cute summer dress for your daughter? These are so versatile and be worn to a socially distanced picnic in the park or as a cover-up on the way to the pool or beach. You can find some like these from Tomato Superstar.

Tie-dye is an emblem of individuality and inventive expression, so get creative and show us your ideas! Tomato Superstar is an online boho clothing boutique that empowers girls to live authentically. We donate a portion of our proceeds to non-profits that combat human trafficking. To learn more about our philanthropic efforts, please click here.

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