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Bohemian Easter Outfit Ideas for 2019!

Easter Outfit Ideas for Your Free-Spirited Tween Girl

Your free-spirited tween is one who thinks, acts, and dresses with no inhibitions! She embraces her own unique style, and she doesn’t care about fitting in as much as other girls her age. (Aren’t you proud?!) She has a wild and colorful imagination that isn’t the easiest to shop for- especially during holidays. Ease, boldness, and originality are the pillars of her wardrobe. If you’re struggling to find Easter outfit ideas, we recommend these 5 boho-inspired pieces!

Bohemian Vibes Dress in Royal Blue (purchase at Tomato Superstar $37.99)

Eva Reyerson Photography

Keep it playful and chic with our Bohemian Vibes Dress. A boho-inspired tween loves her ruffles and she craves effortlessness! The stretchy, off the shoulder neckline is elegant but still comfy and versatile. Plus, the above-knee length is perfect for a midday hike or a stroll in the park. A girl with bohemian taste usually cares for her environment- so she’ll love that this dress is made with 100% cotton! … Oh, and did we mention a portion of our proceeds go to global nonprofits combating human trafficking, gendercide and marginalization of young girls? Easter outfit ideas that promote the greater good always sound like a good idea!

 Sunflower Hair Crown (purchase at Iva Creations Boutique on Etsy $37.37)

What’s a wanderlust without her sunflower crown?! Iva Creation’s Bulgarian-Made Sunflower Hair Crown is the perfect accessory for Easter Sunday or spring pictures at school. This woodland, floral crown has ties at the back-- making it suitable for every size head or hair-do. Elegant, ethereal, and earthy just like your tween girl.

Fun and Fearless Tunic Blouse in Orange (purchase at Tomato Superstar $39.99)

Eva Reyerson Photography

Get loud and bold with our Fun and Fearless Tunic Blouse! The boat neck tie-front adds versatility and ease while dressing. What better way to celebrate spring than with a BOLD, vibrant statement piece like this one? And the contrast floral embroidery adds a nice retro touch! 100% Cotton.Spice this tunic up even more with our Sparkly Tassel Bracelets!

Gigi Bohemian Sandal (purchase at Sam Edelman $30.00)

Don’t these rustic leather straps automatically transport you to the 70s? Sam Edelman’s Gigi Bohemian Sandal has all the tassels and pom-poms needed for your teen’s eccentric taste. This colorful shoe pairs well with bright, solid colored dresses that need a little more artisanal charm. We wish you peace and love with this colorful addition!

Beauty in Red Maxi Dress (purchase at Tomato Superstar $42.99)

Eva Reyerson Photography

Last but not least is our Beauty in Red Maxi Dress. Doesn’t every bohemian queen need a free-flowing maxi? This airy, off-shoulder style serves a casual elegance that your tween can literally live in! Free-spirit or not, we all need to own a timeless, easy style like this! If you view the detail shot, you can see the tonal embroidered pattern that adds a nice textural touch. This style is ankle length and fits true to size. Go a step further and complete this look with our Bohemian Pattern Headwraps!

We want to know! Which Easter outfit ideas does your tween like the most?

Comment below and check out our homepage for more info on our philanthropic efforts.

Happy Easter shopping!

 -Kristin Bruce

Moms! If you're curious about some Easter outfit ideas for you & the rest of the family, check out this article on CNN.

2 thoughts on “Bohemian Easter Outfit Ideas for 2019!

  1. avatar Shelly Landon says:

    So cute! This is a fun line.

  2. avatar Tippi Garcia says:

    Love the ideas posted here. Will definitely be taking your advice! Thank you.

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