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Changing Your Hair While in Quarantine

 Cutting & Dyeing Your Hair While in Quarantine

Self-isolation is hard. It can be lonely, anxiety-provoking and boring. With all this new time on your hands, it doesn't help to look in the mirror and see unkept hair staring back at you. However, be careful before you act on impulse.

quarantine hair- tomato superstar

Stylists across the country agree cutting your own hair can have disastrous effects. And just because we're quarantining now doesn't mean you can recover from a bad haircut by the end of this quarantine. It actually could take as long as a year to grow out the mistake you made or what if your hair needs to be cut super short to fix that very mistake?

But what about dying your hair or maintaining your bangs? These two tasks seem less risky. Keep reading for our tips!


Cutting your own bangs can be risky. Even if you already have bangs, cutting them yourself can be tricky without the right tools to do it. For starters, don't use your kitchen scissors! If you're going to attempt this, use cutting sheers at the very least. Cosmopolitan has a tutorial on how to cut your bangs here.

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If your bangs are getting on the long side, why not just part them and wave the bangs off to the sides like a fringe bang? Hair products can work wonders! It's also the perfect time to grow out your bangs for a completely new look.

fringe bangs- tomato supestar

Hair Dye

For starters, don't bleach your hair at home! Bleach can be extremely damaging and can cost you a ton of money to fix! Instead, use toners, root touch-ups and conditioning masks to keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant. Doing a root touch up at home isn't going to damage your hair. It's also pretty hard to mess it up. We also don't recommend starting box dye if you've never done it before. The color could come out completely different from the color on the box. 

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If you really want to try something new, how about overtone or arctic fox? They have semi-permanent hair color conditioners that won't damage your hair and will fade fairly quickly. The colors range from reds, browns, blondes and pretty much everything else in between. Keep in mind, the lighter your hair is, the longer the color will likely last.

purple hair- tomato superstar

We hope you liked our tips! We here at Tomato Superstar are a boho clothing store that empowers girls and gives back to non-profits that combat human sex trafficking and the marginalization of girls around the world. Check out our website here to learn more about our philanthropic efforts. So are you going to change your hair anytime soon? Tell us what you plan on doing!


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