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5 Simple & Creative Landscaping Ideas!

Creative Landscaping Ideas

Have you been thinking about revamping your outdoor space with all of the quarantine time on your hands? There are so many great ideas out there that don't take much time or cost much money! Whether it’s a patio area you want to work on or an outdoor concept you’d like to start, so much can be done with a little creativity. We’ve compiled a list of 5 ideas that we think you'll love! 

Tire Planters

Tire planters are just about the cutest thing you can repurpose. They are so versatile and look awesome set up. You can paint the tires to create funky planters throughout the landscaping area and even stack them to create a cascading planter. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using tires in the garden! Click here for a tutorial.

Tin Can Lanterns

These homemade tin patio lanterns are created from recycled cans! The materials are free, and the tiny holes create gorgeous scattered light patterns on your table when you drop a candle inside. You can also hang them as pictured above. Here is a tutorial on how to make these!

Garden Mushrooms

Dress up your yard or front porch with these quick and easy DIY Garden Mushrooms. This project is so simple that the kids can be involved too! Click here for the tutorial.

Painted Patio Tiles

Click here to learn how to paint your tiles in this unique, fun way! It's so simple but gives your patio an entirely different look.

Fairy Garden

A miniature DIY fairy garden filled with gnomes, fairies, and cute little houses offer children an enchanted play space to develop their creativity and imagination. Miniature gardens also make a lovely addition to any garden space. Here you can find a tutorial. 

We hope you liked these 5 ideas! We are curious to see if you try any of these or have your own ideas to share! Let us know in the comments below.

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